Thursday, July 3, 2008

Online Credibility - the Power of Google Search

"For more information about me, just Google me." When people google you, what will they find?

Someone else's opinion of you or your products will always hold more authority and trust than you bragging about yourself. By having the courage to tell people to Google you, you allow them to read about you from the perspective of other people, and assuming you don't have anything career-ending in your past, this is be a great way to get the trust you need to convince a prospect to give you some of their time. Google search results do build credibility, so if you're experienced and credible online, the search engine results for your name should help tell your story in a very compelling manner.

For my name, Marilyn Swanson, I'm fairly satisfied with the results. I've been an active participant on the web for some time, so that does help. Having a not too common name also is helpful and all the others with the same name as myself appear to be very successful also.

For a very common name, like Jane Smith or John Jones, one has to come up with a creative title...such as Jane 'Surfer' Smith(if she has an internet business) or John 'Junkman' Jones (if he owns a remove-it-yourself auto parts place).

With this in mind, what do YOUR search engine results look like? Are you comfortable pointing your prospects to Google for confirmation?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Make Personal Branding work for you

Starting a business can not be done on four hours a week. Growing a business can not be done on four hours a week. Start thinking and talking it and pretty soon you’ll start being it. Then you’re already branding yourself.

Personal branding is most conspicuous when celebrities are involved. Take Oprah as a case in point: Oprah's name is a brand that encompasses diverse ventures including the Oprah TV show, O Magazine and several charitable organizations. Personal branding is what you want to achieve. You want to be known in your field as an expert, a meticulous engineer, a respected lawyer, etc.

Personal branding is unavoidable. As others interact with you, they’ll automatically form mental associations that connect you with certain labels, often within the first few seconds. You can’t avoid being labeled, and other people can’t avoid labeling you.

Personal branding is another way to market your business and is easier than corporate
branding. By marketing yourself as an expert in your field, your business becomes more accessible to a consumer by turning it into a human face.

Imagine the sales potential if you are a business consultant who specializes in consulting with large construction firms and you happen to meet a large developer one night at dinner. The developer searches your name later that night and finds articles you’ve authored related to construction and consulting. Imagine in five year's time. We can tell our young children when they ask what branding is that back in the old days people used to say that branding was about marketing or clever packaging or even searing an animal's skin.

Build a great personal brand and you won’t have to follow the crowd. The crowd will follow you. Build your personal brand, stand out from your peers and reach your career goals.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Personal Branding for Success

Bloggers can build credibility through the content listed on their
blog. By blogging, social networking, article writing, classified ads,ezine
advertising, publishing a newsletter, traffic exchanges, and so on you
are contributing to your success branding. Blogging is an easy way for
personal branding of yourself.

Personal branding is a technique often practiced by online marketers and is the "youness" that you bring. It is not necessarily what you do, but the particular way you do it. Personal branding is essential if you want to succeed in life, because you need to win people’s attention to succeed. Personal branding is the way to get it . It is an important aspect of ebusiness and affects many areas that we may not have even considered.

Personal Branding is often perceived as self-promotion, when it is much much
more. By branding yourself you are creating an image that your audience
can either buy into or step away from. Personal branding is unavoidable. As
others interact with you, they will automatically form mental associations that connect you with certain labels, often within the first few seconds. You can’t avoid being labeled, and other people can’t avoid labeling you. Personal branding is one of the most important thing you need to concentrate on when preparing for any job interview, whether that job interview is external or internal. Unless you take control of your personal brand, it will take control of you.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Importance of Personal Branding

Branding yourself also ensures that other people are not in control of your brand. If you don't brand yourself, others will - and it may not be the type of brand you want.When you let other people brand you, you let them control your future. Branding yourself can actually have such a dramatic effect that you will become hunted rather than being the hunter for your next job opportunity.

Branding yourself is key to building your network of influence. Branding yourself as one of the first to be knowledgeable in promising new fields might be the quickest way of all to set yourself apart from others. Once it's known that you're an expert, customers may well seek you out rather than the other way around. Branding yourself and networking takes a little time, it is also a long-term strategy, and branding yourself using networking generally takes a little effort and patience. But you'll set yourself up very nicely, not just for short-term payoffs, but also for long-term success and stability.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Personal Branding to Achieve First Place

Branding yourself is a major part in internet marketing. Branding your name, along with the online business is very important and is the key to being different. A replicated site will get you replicated results. Branding yourself creates opportunities and generally increases cash flow for those that engage in branding. It is one of the most important marketing tools on the books; about being an expert or learning how to be an expert and then telling everyone about your knowledge. Branding yourself is one of the most important tasks you have as a small business marketer. It is a way of making it clear to potential employers or clients what, in particular, you might be able to do for them. When someone asks you what you do for a living, do you answer with your job title?

Image is everything...believe you are who you say you are, and make it your reality. Offer quality over quantity. Imagine getting a universal online identity score. This score could be based on many factors, such as ratio of positive to negative blog entries written about you, track backs to your blog, subscribers, rank of your name in Google search results, amount of people tagging you, density of your name online. Imagine creating a good looking resume that stands out? Imagine personal name cards so interesting that it the keeps you at the top of somebody’s memory tree?

All of this is entirely possible....Google me, Marilyn Swanson, and find out how this can be accomplished.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Success - The Power of YOU

There are various ways to stand out in a crowd of people. You can either do something different, sound different or look different than anyone else. But how do you stand out on the internet? How do you become known from amongst the millions that have an online presence? You do it by branding yourself online? Start this process by being honest. Tell them the truth about yourself and your product or service. Google Me Now is one way of accomplishing that great first e-impression.

Too much hype and outright dishonesty is not in your best interest. Make good use of online services and social networks. They can be invaluable in creating a positive image of you. Social networks such as YouTube and MySpace allow you to display pictures of yourself, as well as videos of yourself and your product or service. People like to put a face on the person they are interested helps to develop that element of trust.

While large companies spend millions of dollars to brand themselves online, you do not have to do that to make yourself known. You do require some good knowledge and the presentation of your techniques has to be unique in order to command the attention that is being demanded by so many. Be very well informed...keep the learning process constantly going. Once you have established that great online presence, your knowledge will continue to generate interest for you for a long time.

When using your name with other key words you are building a brand and guiding traffic to you. Almost everything now is on the internet. People now go to the internet to look things up, before they will go to the phone book.

Most all of your online branding can be done for free. Free methods of advertising can go as far as paid and are sometimes even better, as it reflects the effort you put into it. Free can be effective! When you are presenting your service or product on your website, don't tell them you have the best product! People are already being spammed to death by the BEST product emails! Tell them what you can do for them. Do some press releases and testimonials, but include your product, service or store name. Put a video on YouTube, working your business or a tutorial about how to work with your product. Under the description of your video, you will want to include your email address and your website link. Post ads on Craigslist and other ad sites. Expose the world to who you are....people need to buy into who you are.

With a little work on your part, you can achieve great results with your branding. Very little money needs to be spent on branding....possibly only on a domain name and website. Some domain companies will have templates available to you to build a website or landing page, so there is no need to have someone build it for you. You basically just fill in the information and voila' have your website. There is even a good quality autoresponder site that you can access for free. A good autoresponder will respond to people immediately when they inquire about your service. After that, you can get in touch with them personally to find our how you can help them specifically.

With a little research and work, you can brand yourself online. Once you start attracting people, more will come. You need to keep your "face" in front of them. Build relationships. Create an establishment of friendship. Relationships build trust....thus adding to your credibility.